Three benefits of credit and loans for your business

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Discover the advantages and benefits of short-term credits.
March 20, 2018
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Three benefits of credit and loans for your business

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If you are looking to grow your business, credit may be the boost you need to achieve it. Lack of capital is one of the constraints that entrepreneurs and micro, small and medium enterprises face more frequently; however, there are other financing options that are quite accessible to business owners.

Requesting a loan or credit for your business may be the factor you need to accelerate your growth exponentially. In addition, having immediate liquidity will allow you to continue operating normally and take advantage of the opportunities that arise in the market.

From supports created by the government, to incubators and financial specialized in business loans, there are many alternatives that entrepreneurs get when they access credit, here are some:

# 1 Get quick access to capital

 The loan is ideal to cover short-term needs and incidentals. For example, if you have to buy supplies or raw materials to meet a special request from a customer, you can have the money you need almost immediately. This way you will not have to sacrifice the liquidity of your business and you will be able to fulfill your deliveries in time.

We recommend that you use the money for working capital to help you increase your sales, reduce costs or improve a process, not to correct a capital flight or add any non-fundamental changes in the company. This will make it easier to pay your credit without affecting the operation of your business.

# 2 Strengthen the productive cycle of your business

The production cycle is the number of days that pass from the moment you acquire supplies, until you receive the payment for the sale of your product. And, how does the credit help you? Simple, by having financing you can have money to cover some unforeseen event, such as delayed payments from clients or offer longer terms to your clients to encourage the sale of your product.

# 3 Accelerate the growth of your business

Many of the large companies managed to expand their businesses thanks to credit. Sam Walton, founder of Walmart, applied for a loan to invest in his first store and managed to increase his sales by 45% during the first year. If you use credit appropriately you can create strategies that help you boost your business. You can implement an idea to reduce costs or a campaign to increase your sales, everything will depend on the needs of your business and the stage you are in.

Remember that if you have a goal, define what you need to achieve and determine how much money you need. Dare to increase the probability of growing your business and take it to success.

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